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Accessibility-focused video communication system.

Boundless Assistive Technology is a global leader in assistive technology products, services, and support. Boundless partnered with Wand to change how they approached accessibility-focused support in the digital age.
Boundless determined a need to connect with its customers in a more human way when offering accessibility-focused support and services. Wand partnered with Boundless to help bring this vision to life. Through collaborative agile development, this partnership created a new video communication service that leverages modern cloud technology to bring accessible support to Boundless customers in a new, more personal way.

Web Development

Wand leveraged AWS services and hosting to build the beating heart of an accessibility-minded video communication dashboard and queuing system.

Mobile App Development

A custom accessibility focused mobile application was built from scratch to provide the highest quality video communication service available.


React was chosen due to the modern requirements of the mobile product, and the flexibility it provided for potential future technology enhancements.


JavaScript was employed as the backbone of the product. The language offered the customizability, web-focused history, and support the product needed.
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