Digital Consultation

Laramie County Library Web Maintenance

Providing technology assistance to an award-winning client
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Award-Winning Library Partnership.

The Laramie County Library System services the largest county in Wyoming. Additionally, as an award-winning library system, and a champion of Wyoming literacy and public engagement, Wand was especially proud of a partnership opportunity.
The Laramie County Library System is supported by a wide range of technologies, services and professional team members. Wand was excited to for the opportunity to participate in this ecosystem of professionals as a general multi-media and technology consultantancy, and as website maintenance specialists.

Web Maintenance

Wand delivered reliable and consistent website maintenance with enhanced engineering support for difficult web issues.

Multimedia Creation

Wand provided a wide range of multimedia and digital assets for Laramie County Library distribution and fabrication.

Success Management

Success management was employed to continually provide high quality service and communication to a long term, high profile client.

Product Ownership

We leveraged professional product ownership to organize and communicate efficient requirements, deadlines and content for the product.
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