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Business Occupational Outlook Tool Set.

The Wyoming Governor’s Office partnered with Wand to build a modern website with the goal of delivering a wide range of business, workforce development, and educational resources to Wyoming citizens and businesses.
The Wyoming Governor’s Office determined a need to build a modern, responsive website that collated a wide variety of services and tools for Wyoming citizens. This website needed to be accessible, mobile-friendly, and easily navigable. Additionally, the website needed to be flexible enough to grow when new tools were added, or old tools were removed. Due to this, Wand partnered with the Governor’s Office to deliver a cutting edge website.

Web Development

Wand utilized AWS services and hosting to create a modern, and customizable web structure that allowed for budget friendly scalability.

Product ownership

We leveraged professional product ownership to organize and communicate efficient requirements, deadlines and content for the product.


NextJS was chosen due to its ease of maintenance, lightning-fast performance, and search engine optimization capabilities.


JavaScript was employed as the backbone of the product. The language offered the customizability, web-focused history, and support the product needed.
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